Featuring over 40 pages of exclusive photos of Justin Bieber by Alex Sturrock, the Teen Issue is an irreverent look at childhood stardom and the mania it inspires. Presenting a behind-the-scenes photo essay on Justin Bieber on tour and his legion of fans, the Teen Issue also features numerous interviews with former childhood stars on their experience with fame and the affect it had on their lives.

profile: Alex
Learn more about the Teen Issue's London-Based photographer.
Bieber Bud hits
the streets (and
it's the bomb)
There's a new strain of weed named after JB.
Bieber gets deep
JB talks about getting tackled and having bras flung at him.

Subject    Justin Bieber
Photography    Alex Sturrock
Publisher    Ben Pobjoy
Editor    Jamie-James Medina
Art Director    Shawn Butchart